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Mondays, 6:00 - 8:50 PM ET, April 3rd - June 5th, 2017.

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  1. Using version control and static site building to turn in your homework April 3, 2017
  2. Interviewing a big pile of data April 10, 2017
  3. Data formats, databases, finding data April 17, 2017
  4. Web APIs and query languages April 24, 2017
  5. Data visualization May 3, 2017
  6. Data visualization May 15, 2017
  7. Notebooks, part 1 May 22, 2017
  8. Notebooks, part 2 May 24, 2017
  9. Networks and security May 30, 2017
  10. Ethics, history, and the Jobs Talk June 6, 2017


May 17, 2017 // Carolyn Cakir

Criminal sexual assault trends in Chicago, 2001-2017

For this assignment, I chose to look at criminal sexual assault in Chicago from 2001 to 2017. I used the Chicago Data Portal as my dataset. First, I got the...

May 14, 2017 // Maryam Saleh

What's going on at Chicago eateries?

One in five Chicago food establishments inspected by the Department of Public Health failed their inspections this year, according to publicly available data. Of the 1,261 eateries that failed to...

May 8, 2017 // Alexis Wainwright

South Africa's Murder Rollercoaster ends with a Decrease

The report shows a downfall in murder rates and then a small peak in 2014. South Africa has been facing several different crisis moments within the last years. In fact...

May 8, 2017 // Karys Belger

City of Baltimore Crime Analysis Analysis

For this data query with postman, I chose to stick with a city and dataset I was already somewhat familiar with. With the last project, I used the data from...

May 8, 2017 // David Jordan

Vermont State Police Traffic Fatalities (2010-Present)

For my data set I looked at the data set of Vermont State Police Traffic Fatalities (2010-Present). The first piece of information I wanted to figure out was how the...

May 8, 2017 // Jingnan Huo

API findings of World Bank's Financial Intermediary Funds

API findings of World Bank’s Financial Intermediary Funds World Bank’s Financial Intermediary Funds (FIFs) are formed from contributions of diverse state and non-states partners and are used to address development...

May 8, 2017 // Aileen Chuang

Spacewalk Competition

This is an analysis of a dataset from NASA. Space exploration served as a dramatic arena for the United States and Russia to compete, especially during the Cold War. The...

May 7, 2017

Prater Api

layout: post title: “DC Charter School Data” date: 2017-05-07 author: Nia Prater — For the web API assignment, I worked with a dataset from the DC Public Charter School Board....

May 7, 2017 // Jasmine Minor

Oakland Crimes in 90 days

This is an analysis of a dataset from the City of Oakland Datasets This week, I chose to explore crime committed in the last 90 days in Oakland, California. I...

April 17, 2017 // Karys Belger

City of Baltimore Employee Salary Analysis

The data set that I decided to “interview” is somewhat similar to the one we interviewed in class. I pulled the database of employee salaries for the city of Baltimore....

April 17, 2017 // Jasmine Minor

Data Analyis of Chicago's Sex Offenders

For this assignment, I decided to take a look at sex offenders in the Chicago area over the past year. Before divulging into my own personal assumptions, I needed to...

April 17, 2017 // Jasmine Minor

Data Analysis of Chicago's Sex Offenders

For this assignment, I decided to take a look at sex offenders in the Chicago area over the past year. Before divulging into my own personal assumptions, I needed to...

April 17, 2017 // Maryam Saleh

Breaking Down Florida State Salaries

Florida Governor Rick Scott is the 34th most popular governor in the United States, according to a recent national survey by Morning Consult. His approval rating increased by 8 percentage...

April 17, 2017 // Aileen Chuang

DC Crime Incidents in 2017

This is an analysis of a dataset from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department. Spreadsheet The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department reported that the capital had 8,540 crime...

April 17, 2017 // Wen-Yee Lee

U.S. Arms Sales to the World

The arms transfer data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute(SIPRI) shows how many arms sales exporting from the United States to countries worldwide. SIPRI researches into conflict, armaments, arms...

April 17, 2017 // Jasmine Minor

Data Analyis of Chicago's Sex Offenders

For this assignment, I decided to take a look at sex offenders in the Chicago area over the past year. Before divulging into my own personal assumptions, I needed to...

April 16, 2017 // Alexis Wainwright

Highest Income Data Report

5 Richest States according to Huffington Post The Census Bureau released new data from its 2015 &2016 nationwide population survey. The graph is data collected from the 2016 data and...

April 16, 2017 // Nia Prater

Wisconsin Election Data

For this “data interview”, I decided to work with a dataset from the Wisconsin Elections Commission. It’s a website I discovered when I took a class reporting trip to Waukesha,...

April 15, 2017 // Jingnan Huo

Interviewing data: US budget and NASA facilities

Interviewing data – U.S. Federal budget from 2000 – 2016; NASA Introducing the Dataset The Congressional Budget Office’s data on US Federal Budget from 2000-2016 shows the U.S. federal government’s...

April 10, 2017 // Karys Belger

Snowden Files Decoded Critique

One of the best examples of data journalism I have seen was the The Gaurdian’s 2013 breakdown of the documents that were taken and then leaked by Edward Snowden from...

April 10, 2017 // David Jordan

Analysis of Seattle Active Fleet Complement

For this assignment I looked at the active fleet complement for the City of Seattle. The data was most recently updated on March 30 and is refreshed monthly, so it...

April 10, 2017 // Yarilet Perez

Critique For U.S.News article on Chicago crime rate

In a 2016 article by U.S. News they state that although the national crime rate is at a “historic low,” the Chicago murder rate continues to rise. This comes from...

April 10, 2017 // Aileen Chuang

Critique of Think a Negative Tweet from Trump Crushes a Stock? Think Again

This is a critique of a graphics story from the WSJ. Data journalism work from The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 23, 2017. Think a Negative Tweet From Trump Crushes a...

April 9, 2017 // Wen-Yee Lee

Critique of The Economist 'Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Are Emerging Increasingly Early' Graphic

The Economist article [“Japan’s cherry blossoms are emerging increasingly early”] ( depicts dates of cherry blossom peak blooms in Kyoto, Japan, during the past 1,200 years and their relation to...

April 9, 2017 // Nia Prater

Critique of FiveThirtyEight

For my critique, I took a look at a piece from FiveThirtyEight, one of the leading sites for data and polls. The piece in question is entitled “Nuking The Filibuster...

April 9, 2017 // Maryam Saleh

Critique of New York Times 'Death in Syria' Graphic

This New York Times data visualization on the different ways people in Syria are dying is great in that it helps make sense of a conflict that is obscure in...

April 9, 2017 // Jingnan Huo

Citique on data story

Critique: ACJ’s License to Betray My critique is on the data story done by the Atlanta Journal Constitution on how doctors with a long history of sex abuse systematically get...

April 9, 2017 // Marianna Brady

Blog Week 1

I picked a piece of data journalism done by FiveThirtyEight called simply “[Gun Deaths in America] .” This piece illustrates the “why” and “how” of gun related deaths in...

April 9, 2017 // Carolyn Cakir

Critique of NYT article

This is the beginning of my post critiquing the New York Times article “We Avoid News We Don’t Like. Some Trump-Era Evidence.” The subject hits on the idea that people...

April 3, 2017 // Alexis Wainwright

Digital Frameworks First Critique

The San Francisco Chronicle did a story called Airbnb’s Impact in San Francisco— that covered the effect Airbnb has in the city. The report attempts to show at least 350...

April 3, 2017 // David Eads

Sample of Alexis

Odell Beckham is the best. NY Giants is the best team ever.

April 3, 2017 // David Jordan

Critique of Tampa Bay Times

For my critique I looked at the Tampa Bay Times analysis of all police shootings from 2009 to 2014. The story begins with short look at the background to the...

March 4, 2017 // Wen-Yee Lee

Lee Critique

This is the first data class. NPR is good at podcasting and radio.

September 4, 2016 // David Eads

Sample post

This is a sample post with all kinds of Markdown references. Copy and go to town! Markdown test document Text can be bold, italic, or strikethrough. Links should be blue...

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